Share Your Story

share your storyShare Your Story

by Mary T. Wilkinson

Everybody has a story, but not everyone wants to share it. “Oh, I’m not an author,” you say. “Nothing I have done is worthy of being shared.” How wrong you are. Each person alive has lived with struggles, awakenings, and putting their faith into action. Why should you share your story? Here are a few reasons.

You have been through the same situations we will face in the future. Did you ever notice that certain problems are the same during all generations. You lived through yours. You overcame. You now have wisdom to face those problems in a different way. How did you overcome? That information will keep us from making the same  mistakes. If you don’t want to tell it to a wide audience, why not tell it to your loved ones who need to be steered in the right direction so they don’t have to suffer what you did. Share your story with your children. They will be the ones to benefit from it the most.

Your story can inspire us. It can tell those closest to you that life is worth the effort. Love is amazing, Forgiveness is healing, and God can be trusted with all of it. I have just finished writing the life story of my 95 yr. old mother-in-law, Anna. I titled it “A Really Good Life” because that is what she always says when you ask her how living 95 years has been.  Her book is inspiring to me. She had a good life, but it wasn’t always an easy life. To hear of how her faith was an integral part of everything she did, gives me hope that living out my faith will have the same results; a good life and a hope for eternity to come. Share your story with your close friends and relatives. It will be a treasure to them.

Stories can be for just one person. If you are married, why not tell your spouse how much you love them in writing this year? Tell them why you fell in love with them. Tell them what qualities you still admire in them today. Tell them what a good mom or dad they have been to your children. Tell them of your devotion and desire to have no one but them for the rest of your days together. First of all your spouse will probably be shocked. Then they will kiss you and hug you and maybe cry a little. Most will save that piece of paper or card in a safe place so they can look at it over and over. After all, your years with that person are part of your story and their story combined. Make somebody happy this Valentine’s weekend by sharing your story.


2 thoughts on “Share Your Story


    He was D.O.A.
    He thought he had seen the zenith of beauty from the Creator’s hand. The sun, the surf, beaches clad with living Venus’ in Waikiki land.

    A sailor foot loose and fancy free, a rope couldn’t lasso him, and the invisible fence he couldn’t see.

    Boy Scout to a fault, and sly Grandma knew the way to his halt. Puppy tricks of yesterday was cheese for the trap, heavenly choir sung music while he lost his focus… snap.

    An entrance worthy of a Princess dazzled, confused, and weakened his resolve, as the bouffant blond haired bombshell with chocolate drop eyes smiled demurely and slowly took his hand. “Good looking ‘jail-bait’ rattled his brain, as she gazed into his eyes, for a second, as he halted his gait, and he heard the Wedding March refrain.

    Grandma’s coaching, never really needed. His flushed body made his head spin, in a loss or win ‘’heart’s’ contest, it was ‘no contest’ who would win. Ruby red lips, flashing Milkyway eyes, and a flirt from the start rendered him hopelessly weak in the heart.

    Seizing the moment, he thought about flight as his days of the chase quickly faded in the beauty of her special light. Her laughter shivered his soul, yet the aura of her presence, for the first time, made him whole.

    Time spent pondering who could match his passion and desire, for a life-time, came out of the swimming pool’s shadows glimmering in a black one piece suit that stole Mr. Sun’s thunder.

    “He never had a chance. He was such an easy target,” the aide remarked. “Yes, he even wore an orange cap, how could it miss?”

    “Beg your pardon, that was his hair, he wasn’t wearing a cap,” the aide replied.

    “No matter, it hit the target… it was a shot through the heart,” Cupid, smiling, triumphantly said.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Darling, 2016

    Solo Per Sempre,

    Celebrating 53 years of being My Valentine, I’m I a blessed man by God, or what?

    Your Redhead,



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