This Too Shall Pass


Recently we had a great weather event when summer showed up again after temperatures had dropped into the 40’s. It was in the 70’s for a week and in late October that’s a pretty wonderful thing here in Indiana. If you live in a four season state, you can understand what I am talking about.

We’d already had our nights of frost, even one night when it froze, so our tomato plants had to be covered in order for them to continue to live. On one of these plants, there were three or four very big green tomatoes; the slicing size. When the first night of frost was predicted, they were still green, so we covered them up. Now due to the Indian Summer we had, they received warmth again and finally started to ripen. A few days later, the weather changed once more and we had to bring them all inside to finish ripening on our kitchen counter.

Soon the snow will fall, and after that spring will come. Then summer will return to be swallowed up by fall once again. That is just the way it goes for seasons and for life. God promised that the seasons would never stop until He comes back, and so far they haven’t. He is a faithful God.

My dad had an adage he repeated everytime he was experiencing a low period in his life; “This too shall pass.” Not only does it work everytime when you are experiencing a low period, but the good times do not last either. They are like the seasons; seasons of our lives. One following another, good and bad, but always changing. Are you in a low season of your life? Have hope, because it will pass. Are you in a good season in your life? Unfortunately that will change too over time.

My tomato plant was having the time of its life making big slicing tomatoes, until a frost came and threatened to throw it into a bad time. We humans helped it out by covering it so the frost would not kill it. We allowed it to live under the covering until the Indian Summer arrived and it once again thrived in the warmth of the sun.

What does that have to do with you? We have a heavenly Father who covers us when we are in our lowest valleys. He hides us under the cover of his wings. Psalm 91:4 says, “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

That tomato plant needed me to cover it during frost and freezing temperatures. I need God to cover me with His wings in times of trial and suffering. Your bad times will not feel as bad, when you remember who is covering you. Before you know it, the bad time will have passed. And after it, you may have a refreshing season that could be your Indian Summer. Rejoice in those special times while they are here. Whatever the season in life, “This too shall pass.”